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Because of the confusion between the SITE "MyCashFreebies" and the NETWORK "MyCashFreebies", and people going to "mycashfreebies.com", instead of the correct site name (such as "express.mycashfreebies", "double.mycashfreebies, etc...) we have changed the url "MyCashFreebies.com" to a home page for this network, which will soon have the Network Site List, information, etc...  The original SITE "mycashfreebies.com" is now "mycash.mycashfreebies.com".  It is the EXACT SAME SITE, just "mycash." on the beginning of the domain name (subdomain).  Please note that the only changes that you will have to make is that your referral links will need to be replaced for the original site, and you will have to log in to the site using the new site URL (listed below).  You will have the exact same referral ID number, but the domain name has changed.  So in order for your referral link to work properly you will just need to re-copy your referral link on that site, and change it wherever you use it to promote that site.


Here is a link to the new "mycash.mycashfreebies" site (which is actually the old original site!):




This page will be our new home site, with site lists, information, etc... and will be completed shortly.



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